People with a sweet tooth can never deny the joys of anything containing sugar. These little portions of dessert heaven are never refused, and those who say they are not particularly fond of sugar are looked upon with suspicion as if they come from an alien world.

So yes, people with a sweet tooth are quite fond of their dessert, and going without sugar for one day is often a challenge. The problem is, sugar comes with its set of health issues ranging from weight gain to more serious diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Fortunately, the vaping industry is on board of the sweet tooth trend, and nowadays, you can find hundreds of dessert-flavored e-juices to satisfy your every craving.

Why you should choose dessert-flavored e-liquids

The number one reason to choose a dessert-flavored vape juice is a no-brainer. These sweet-tasting e-liquids will satisfy your sugar craving and make it easier for you to stay away from that bar of chocolate or the leftover birthday cake in the fridge.

In doing so, you can avoid consuming unnecessary calories and keep your sugar level balanced. Dessert-flavored e-juices are also a fun way of enjoying your vaping experience. It’s undoubtedly a different way of vaping than what you may be used to with so much sweetness and variety.

There’s only one problem here, and that is which dessert-flavored e-juices should make it to the top of the list. Let’s start with the premise that if you have a sweet tooth, all kinds of desserts are good desserts. While preferences are always subjective, some flavors are always popular, constantly comforting, and they can never go out of the style. The following are the seven dessert-flavored e-liquids you have to try to soothe your sweet tooth.

Peach cobbler

Among the treasure trove of e-liquids is a flavor that brings nostalgia, comfort, and the smell of summer all in one whiff. The peach cobbler will always be a classic. The sweetness of the summer peaches combined with the richness of the butter and the sugar makes this a favorite among many of us worldwide.

With the peach cobbler e-juice flavor, you don’t need to travel to your granny’s house and beg her for a cobbler or spend more time eating sugar than doing much else during the day.

This e-juice flavor is ripe and comforting as if you are eating the dessert right out of the oven. The primary flavor of this e-liquid is the peaches, but there are subtle secondary notes of cinnamon crumble in there as well.

Cotton clouds

It’s hard to forget that first bite into cotton candy. You hold that mass of pink swirls from its wooden stick, and you bite into it, only to have it burst and disappear in your mouth as soon as you begin to taste it. Even if we decide to eat sugar all day long, finding cotton clouds isn’t as easy as finding a chocolate bar.

So unless you want to pop by a circus tent anytime soon or a fair, how about you try the cotton clouds e-liquid flavor instead? Finding this safe cheap vape juice online is far more accessible than searching for the real stuff. This e-juice has a unique blend of sweet and sour goodness. It starts by hitting your palate with sweet notes, and then it changes to a sour hit.

Cookie dough

Even when salmonella was our biggest threat (boy, we sure didn’t know what was going to hit us in 2020), that did not stop us from sneaking spoonful’s of cookie dough in our mouths. Besides the cookie dough’s forbidden element, what makes it irresistible is the textures it holds — that butter and raw sugar blended with chocolate chips.

The vaping industry knows we cannot resist the forbidden cookie dough, and that is why we have cookie dough e-juice flavors along with a mix of THC vape juice available on the market so we can feel like we are eating this pile of goodness all day long. The primary flavor of this e-juice is the cookie dough, but it also has subtle notes of chocolate chips and added sugar for more sweetness.

Peanut butter-fried ice cream

Just the name of this dessert can take you to a hot summer night where work is non-existent, and life is a little slower. This vape juice flavor is outstanding, mainly because the flavors are complex, just as a proper dessert should be.

The PB fried ice cream has three main ingredients: the peanut butter flavor is complemented with vanilla ice cream and a fried, glazed donut. We may need to repeat that: Fried Glazed Donut.

Everything about this dessert flavor is luxurious and sinful but in the best possible way. This sweet and salty blend provides subtle notes of vanilla, making it one rich vaping experience.


A fried, glazed donut is a glorious dessert in itself, so we had to honor the classic donut as another top dessert vape juice to try. Donut-flavored e-liquids come in various flavors to lure as many sweet tooth palates. Besides the classic glazed donut, you can find glazed cronut, strawberry jelly, apple and cinnamon, vanilla custard, raspberry, chocolate, and more.

These e-liquid varieties come with notes of the fried dough paired with your favorite flavor, making them an irresistible choice to vape on all day.



Finally, making it on the list is a classic which is never dull, can never go out of style, and a dessert that people with a sweet tooth crave for, no matter the time of day. Much like the donut e-juices, chocolate-flavored e-liquids come in various forms.

There is the comforting chocolate milk flavor and the chocolate wafer flavor. You will find chocolate delight options and others paired with coffee blends for both chocolaty and java notes.

There you have it, seven of the most irresistible vape juice flavors you can easily find online. Did your dessert make it to the list? Well, even if it didn’t, you can still probably find your favorite dessert bottled as an e-juice flavor thanks to the hundreds of flavored options available right now.


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