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White Widow Among the most famous strains worldwide, a balanced hybrid first bred in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds. White Widow’s genetics have given rise to many other legends like White Russian and Blue Widow. Order Now ….

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Buy White Widow: One of the most famous and sought-after types of cannabis, White Widow feminized cannabis seeds have a long history of selective breeding, which eventually produced a strain high in THC and resin content. Regardless of your experience, start slow with this strain, and gradually work your way up.


White Widow is immediately recognizable by its almost entirely white appearance, the result of a very large amount of trichomes on the flowers and leaves, onto which a full-cover coating of resin develops. Thanks to this crystallized frosting, White Widow cannabis seeds grow up to offer deep relaxation in addition to a sativa-driven, euphoric high that lifts the mood to a blissful happiness.


When consumed, pine and citrus-scented White Widow causes almost instantaneous mental effects including more defined perception of sights and sounds. Early on, these sensations contribute to a burst of energy that makes you want to go and get things done, at least in your mind. After awhile, the sensations tend to mellow out into a light body stone. Recently, research has begun exploring the strain’s ability to help people suffering from the blood disease Hepatitis C. It can lead to liver conditions and even cancer.

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White Widow cannabis seeds will generally deliver the best results when germinated and planted in an indoor. Hydroponic environment, with or without soil, though with the right conditions, this hardy strain can resist mold and colder climates. When grown inside, White Widow can deliver as much as 500 grams of harvestable flower per square meter. It is important to remember all those resin-coated sugar leaves offer therapeutic benefits, as well. Allow for a flowering stage of eight to nine weeks. Then enjoy your powerful results for all your medicinal or recreational needs.

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  1. Deanna J. Gray

    This has got to be my favorite breed I ever smoked. It gets me moving. . I’m not too lazy, I’m joyful. I can get things done for certain. . I’m not paranoid AT ALL. . I feel NORMAL! Smoking White Widow is like taking a medicine for me. It is the perfect weed. Seriously.

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