Best Afgoo Strain 2021 Guide

Afgoo is an indica-dominant variety characterized by a sweet pine aroma. If what you are looking for is a good night’s rest, Afgoo strain could be ideal for you. In short, a powerful variety, although perhaps not the most suitable for the sofa. Afgoo is an Afghan variety that stands out from the beginning for being really pure Afghan cannabis, so it is a really stinky plant, whose leaves reach a unique size that is not easy to find in any variety. In short, its buds are barely visible thanks to the fact that they are covered with a good layer of resin, so all these characteristics make it the perfect option for those looking to produce their own seeds from pure varieties.

Main Characteristics of Afgoo Plant

The main characteristic of this plant is the presence of a robust bud with a scrub-like appearance that is resistant to any external factor it has thick leaves with a stepped shape.

Among its colors you can see green hues that have yellow pistils. It also has a layer of resin that gives it an exuberant and elegant touch, which attracts the attention of those who observe it.Its compact size makes it easy to handle the only negative is that it can be prone to fungi or bacteria that make its production deficient. That is why you must be aware of the degree of humidity that is present in the environment.

Afgooey Strain

The Afgoo variety comes to us from the Strain Hunters seed bank. A great success after crossing an Afghan with a Maui Haze strain. The Afgoo plant is a plant with characteristics of the typical indica plant, of medium size, short, stocky, bushy, with dark green leaves, and it has a short intermodal distance. Its buds are dense and compact, reminiscent of the shape of a pear, covered with an abundant layer of resin that gives off fruity aromas in the range of citrus, tropical and earthy fruits with a skunk background.

Afgoo Cultivation tips

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, and adapts very well to all types of growing substrates, although it favors warmer climates such as Mediterranean ones to be more productive. It has a concentration of 16% – 20% of THC and CBD that varies between 1% – 5%, with a fast, long-lasting and cerebral effect, it can be difficult to concentrate, and even without a lot of experience with this variety it can cause a state of confusion. It is a variety with good results to combat states of apathy and depression.

Afgoo is a very vigorous plant with impressive growth rates. The leaves are wide, dark green. The variety is characterized by a bushy structure and short internodes, as well as thick, sticky buds. This herb would be a good choice for Sea of ​​Green / SCROG. Plants will thrive both indoors and outdoors.

Boss are large, pear-shaped, and very dense. There is a VERY lot of resin, and plants start to smell from the middle of flowering. The effect is very deep, like stone. You will feel it immediately after smoking and it will be long lasting.

Afghan Aroma

The aroma of the variety reminds of a good old Afghan woman with fruity notes. Until now only available as cuttings, we are now presenting it as feminized for the first time, after successful reverse selection and backcrossing with the parent. Afgoo is a very strong and vigorous plant with dense, dark green leaves. The typical structure is bushy, with short internodes (less than 5 cm), thick and wide cords. Afgoo can handle high EC levels, which is very good for Sea of ​​Green and SCROG systems.

Final thoughts

Perfect for any use, including outdoor. The plant is very strong, recovers quickly from stress, and is resistant to high ppm levels. In the veg it grows actively, in the fore block it is even more active, in the flower it slows down growth, but it grows confidently, ripens quickly. Thanks to the technique of topping, mainlining and 9 weeks of growing season, in fact and practically it was possible to get 2 plants with one developed root system.

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