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What is Cannabis


 It is a plant that can reach a height of about six meters in the most favorable conditions. In humid environments it secretes a large amount of resin, which makes them tacky to the touch, which is why it is said to be a defense mechanism against environmental humidity. The sex of the plant is differentiated by examining the flowers, the male ones can be seen with the naked eye and are grouped in clusters, and the female ones are almost invisible and are grouped in spikes.

The “hemp seeds” fruit has a globular shape, about five millimeters in diameter, which is used for feeding birds and for oil extraction. This plant has around sixty components; among them is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the best known and most psychoactive component. Most of these components are found in the flowers, of the female plant, the leaves and the stems have less quantity. Clandestine cultivation has developed hitherto unknown varieties, generically called “sinsemilla”. These varieties have a much higher percentage of cannabinoles than those cultivated in a traditional or wild way. All parts of this plant contain in a greater or lesser proportion THC; this amount depends on multiple factors, especially on the method of harvesting and cultivation.

When to Harvest Cannabis

Many growers starting out in self-cultivation ask themselves this question: when is the best time to harvest marijuana? How can we know that the buds are mature enough? The answer is in the trichomes. Trichomes are like hairs that we can see in cannabis flowers. They form on the buds and on the upper part of the small leaves. They are glands that are made up of a stem with a resin head. The highest concentration of cannabinoids is located at the base of this resin head.

Buy Cannabis Seed Online

Buy Cannabis Seed Online at the best prices by visiting our website and diving into an extensive collection of genetics from all corners of the world. If what you are looking for is a specialized online store where you can buy cheap marijuana seeds without giving up quality or variety, you have come to the right place. We deal in many varieties of seeds, all classified according to their type: feminized / feminine, regular (normal for life) and autoflowering (plants that flower automatically). Likewise, we also have seed collections at very affordable prices.

In our marijuana seeds store you will find, in addition to a wide variety to choose from, everything you need to grow them in the best conditions: fertilizers, substrates, air conditioning systems, insecticides, pesticides, etc. apart from specialized manuals and classified according to level.

The varieties of cannabis have evolved a lot since the 70’s. The improved crossings and selections gave way to more stable and powerful varieties, if we look only THC levels of the average of varieties of the 70’s and 80’s was THC 10%, currently it is around 30%. Also thanks to current feminization techniques, more stable genetics have been achieved.

There are genetics that are easier to grow than others, while some hardly require care, others demand huge amounts of nutrients or withstand certain environmental stresses with difficulty. There are many factors that can vary from one breed to another, flowering time indoors and outdoors, weight in dry production indoors (m2) and outdoors (per plant), height and size of the plant, concentration of THC and CBD , quantity and quality of the resin, and of course, aroma and flavor.

They are undoubtedly a lot of different variables, and the truth is that there are thousands of different genetics, between pure breeds, hybrid crosses, sativa varieties, indica genetics, autoflowering, CBD (Ratio 1: 1) varieties, families “blue” “haze” “skunk” or “purple” … it is normal that sometimes we find it a little difficult to choose.

If you’ll buy cannabis seed online from us, we will advise you based on your personal needs and preferences and the specific characteristics of your crop.

Cannabis store near me

We want to make it simple for you and that is why we have selected and brought the best marijuana products from the best brands in the world. On our website you will find a wide catalog with all kinds of products related to the cultivation of marijuana, from seeds (autoflowering, feminized, outdoor, indoor, novelties …), to anti-pest products (insecticides and fungicides) or the best fertilizers for marijuana (growth, flowering fertilizers, stimulators and enhancers, vitamins, etc.).

We have served the needs of cannabis growers around the world. Our shop also gives you an option to buy cannabis seed online. We have the best fertilizers for marijuana, with leading brands in the market, which will help you have an excellent harvest of self-cultivating marijuana. Trends are constantly changing in the world of cannabis so we are always attentive to the latest news on the market so that you can always buy the best objects for your harvest.

Our growth has allowed us to be very competitive in quality and prices, which is why we are proud to say that we are the cheapest dealers and with the best team of professionals on the market. Therefore, in addition to the best advice and after-sales service, we always offer you succulent discounts for all products related to cannabis cultivation.

How to make cannabis oil

Making your own CBD oil at home is easy enough if you have the right ingredients. It will not be as powerful as CBD oil extracted and produced by professionals (which is a fairly thorough and complicated process).

To make your own oil, you will first have to decide which method to use. There are two options at the amateur level, and choosing one or the other will not make much difference. However, they are different and both options have their pros and cons.

The first requires using food grade alcohol to extract CBD from hemp. The second, which has become popular due to the simplicity of the process, uses natural vegetable oils to extract CBD. In this case, the most used oils are hemp, olive and coconut oil, being quite effective solvents.

You may be wondering about a third CO₂ extraction method. This has become the industry standard technique for producing high-quality oils, as it is a “clean” process. The CO₂ method produces the most powerful, controlled and verified extraction currently available. To perform it correctly you need extremely expensive machinery, a lot of space and a wealth of knowledge. For this reason, we will limit ourselves to commenting on the first two techniques.

Where to buy cannabis seeds

We work daily to offer the highest quality products for the self-cultivation of cannabis and offer you a professional and experienced service. It doesn’t matter if you want to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors, we have the best products for both types of cultivation. In our catalog, you cannot only buy cannabis seed online but everything you need to successfully germinate, grow, flower, harvest and dry your marijuana plants, whether indoors or outdoors. Take advantage of our experience in growing cannabis. Furthermore, from the moment we receive the order form, we get down to work to try to make shipping as fast as possible.

Cannabis oil cancer where to buy

At our shop we continue to deal with the subject of CBD or scientifically known as Cannabidiol. It is a component of marijuana that is making a name for itself in hospitals and is being shown to help people with cancer to cope better. It is an oil that is taken orally and in different doses and percentages, since everything depends on the patient’s condition. This extract not only calms pain but also makes cancer progress more slowly as it attacks tumor cells.

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Looking for a place to buy cannabis seed online? Don’t hesitate, you just found it! We are the online cannabis seed distributors with the perfect euphoric, playful and stimulating brain effect.

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